Why is 108 right for Crypto funds, VCs, Family Offices & HNIs?

  • For crypto funds, it will be an opportunity to diversify their portfolio rather than having a concentrated exposure
  • Allows you to have an exposure in crypto assets without locking up your funds
  • Easiest way to get exposure in crypto assets, without any hassles and regular upkeep

Why is 108 right for ICO treasuries?

  • An opportunity for diversification, can help reduce the impact of fluctuation in the base currency such as ETH
  • The capital can be held in a unique multi sig which can only be accessed along with the ICO founders
  • We will have a third-party custodian, this enhances security and makes investment more credible for you

Why is 108 right for
Retail investors?

  • Provide exposure to a full basket of crypto assets with limited investment amount
  • Referral bonus for each new investor you bring in
  • Access to valuable content to keep you in touch with the crypto asset market