Summary Terms

Fund Type
Token Generator: ZCF II, Cayman Islands
Salient Features

Top 15 Cryptocurrencies by supply-adjusted market cap (Supply-adjusted market cap = Y2050 Supply*Current Price)

Cap weight of 20% on each constituent to provide a diversified exposure

Monthly rebalancing of the index constituents


Management Fees : 50 bps per quarter on NAV
Liquidity Fees : 25 bps

Minimum Contribution
  • Early Access Window
    5000 0.1 0.5
  • General Sale Phases
    50,000 0.1 0.5
Investor Eligibility
Not Open for US and Singapore Persons

90 day lock-in period

Strive to provide liquidity on global crypto exchanges

Investment Objective
  • To track the performance of top-15 cryptocurrencies by supply-adjusted market cap
Token Type
ERC20 Token

Early Access - $1 per Token

General Sale Phase 1 - $1.05 per Token

General Sale Phase 2 - $1.10 per Token

Minimum Capital Raise
5 million tokens
  • For every $100 contributed, $98 will be allocated for token acquisition and $2 for legal and marketing expenses.
  • For every 100 tokens purchased, 96.5 tokens will sent to the token sale participants’ wallet and 3.5 tokens will be allocated to the 108 Token team, advisors and bug bounty program.
Lock-in Period
Tokens sold to participants have a lock-in period of 90 days after which the tokens can be liquidated or traded.

* All token terms are subject to changes at the discretion of the Token Generator without any prior notice. Please refer to our Whitepaper and Token Sale Terms for detailed information.